Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dolly's Donuts & Cookies Too- Orange

I'm not sure how long the cookies had been sitting there, but 70 cents per cookie was a small price to pay to perhaps discover a fabulous cookie. With "cookies" being included in the name of the store, I was very hopeful, even when I saw their small selection sitting on a covered tray on the end of the counter.
The chocolate chip cookie was an average, crispy chocolate chip cookie. The peanut cookie (not peanut butter, like I had hoped) was just a crispy cookie with peanuts on top. I took only a few bites of this tasteless cookie.

Cookies are definitely an afterthought at Dolly's. The highlight of this experience was biting into the donut hole included with every purchase. If they put half as much effort into their cookies as their donuts, they would have some seriously good cookies. At least I found a good donut place...

Dolly's Donuts & Cookies Too is located at 350 South Main Street in Orange.

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