Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extraordinary Desserts- San Diego

Also on my recent San Diego weekend getaway, I picked up three cookies from Extraordinary Desserts. Save your taste buds and money, and skip these cookies.

The unique flavors options seemed promising as did the presentation (in a box with tissue and rose petals) and size (large and heavy). I went with White Chocolate Granola, Dark Chocolate Tea, and Cherry Chocolate Chip. 

All three cookies were dense and obviously made with high-quality ingredients. I tasted no chocolate in the White Chocolate Granola cookie. It tasted like an over-priced granola bar disguised as a cookie. The Dark Chocolate Tea cookie had such an overwhelming tea flavor that the dark chocolate was lost. The Cherry Chocolate Chip was the best of this sorry bunch. If the cherries weren't so large (nickel-sized dried cherries), I might actually go back for one of these.   

Cookies are $2.50 each. If they tasted good, they would be a great value since one cookie will fill you up to the point of making you wonder why you like cookies in the first place.

Extraordinary Desserts ( has two San Diego locations (2929 Fifth Avenue in Balboa Park and 1430 Union Street in Little Italy).

Let me know where I should go on my next trip to San Diego...

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