Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cafe Bakery

Never again! I tried three kinds of cookies, and none of them were worth trying. Plus they all tasted the same. I would say the Face Cookies were very, very cute and would make a nice gift. Too bad they had no taste. Even the "chocolate frosting" used for the hair did not have much flavor. The "most popular" cookie was a bite-size butter cookie with pecan brittle in the center. I wonder who eats at Cafe Bakery to make this chewy mismatch popular.
The two mini-bags of bite-size cookies were $1 each. The face cookie was $1.50.

By the way, the woman at the counter was rude and pushy and seemed offended when I only wanted to purchase a few cookies instead of a giant cake, drink, or something from the "special table".

Cafe Bakery is located at 1202 South Idaho Street in La Habra.

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