Saturday, May 8, 2010

Peanut Butter Delight Cookies

These are soft, airy cookies. They do not have a strong peanut butter taste, so add more peanut butter in place of the butter if you prefer. I first made these with less Reese's Pieces, and they lacked flavor, so be sure to use the full amount, even though it looks like a lot. For a crispier cookie, press down on the tops of the cookies before baking as they do not spread.

1/2 cup of Butter 
1/2 cup of smooth peanut butter 
1/2 cup of dark brown sugar 
1/4 cup of white sugar 
1 egg 
1 tsp of Vanilla 
1/2 tsp of salt 
1 tsp of baking soda 
1/4 cup of Milk 
2 cups of flour 
1/2 cup Chocolate chips 
1 cup Reese's Pieces 

Mix the butter, peanut butter, sugars, egg, vanilla, salt, baking soda, and milk together until creamy and sugar is no longer gritty. Stir in the flour until well incorporated. Stir in chocolate chips and Reese's Pieces.
Drop by tablespoonfuls onto cookie sheets.
Bake at 350° for 13-15 minutes until golden brown.
Let sit on cookie sheet to cool for 5 minutes. Then move to cooling rack to cool completely.
Yields 3 Dozen


  1. Mmmm, these look chock full of goodies. i bet they are delicious.

  2. These sound great! I like the idea of Reese Pieces in them!

  3. This is my kind of blog! I love cookies. These peanut butter ones sound delicious!