Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Sugar Me Bakery- Orange

Walking into The Sugar Me Bakery, I was excited to see a case full of beautiful cupcakes and a small selection of giant cookies. $1.75 per cookie is a good value considering how large each cookie is.

I sampled the snickerdoodle and the chocolate chip.
The snickerdoodle was overly soft and somewhat chewy at the edges. Unfortunately, it was not very flavorful. The chocolate chip cookie more than made up for the lackluster snickerdoodle. The chocolate chip was thin and chewy with crispy edges. It was filled with tons of mini-chocolate chips. The best characteristic of this cookie was its slight coffee flavor. Yum!

The Sugar Me Bakery is at 3353 E. Chapman in Orange. Visit http://www.thesugarmebakery.com for more information.

Do you know a coffee-flavored cookie? Send me the info. I want more!

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