Thursday, June 3, 2010

Isabella's Cookies

If you have been to Whole Foods or Mother's Market, odds are you have seen a large display of Isabella's cookies. Baked in Redondo Beach, Isabella's makes a variety of unique flavors including The Twister (caramel, toffee, chocolate) and B.O.B. (butterscotch, oatmeal, dried blueberries). I sampled The Original (chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, walnuts) and The Hot Chocolate (chocolate cookie with chipotle chocolate).

Both cookies were chewy, thick, and buttery. The Original cookies tasted like chocolate chip even though they included peanut butter chips and walnuts. Some of them did not even have nuts, and others just had one nut. The cookie portion of the Hot Chocolate cookie had a strong chocolate flavor. The "hot" portion of the cookie is in the chocolate chunks. I have a low tolerance when it comes to heat/spice and could not really enjoy the cookie due to its heat. When I picked out the chocolate chunks, the cookie was rather tasty.

At about $7 for a bag of 8-10 small to medium-sized cookies, these average cookies are not worth the price. The creativity behind the cookie is there, but the execution is not.
Visit their website for more information about cookie flavors and where to buy them.


  1. wow this is great to know -thanks for the honest review!

    To answer your question - I find that using Rapid Rise Yeast works easier for me (and in half the time). Also, I've learned that it often won't rise if the water is too hot. I used to bring it to a simmer on a pot before adding it to the dough and it rarely worked - now I just turn on the faucet and take a guess when it is just starting to feel warm...and it works every time! Hope this helps!

  2. These sound delicious! I bookmarked them to try!