Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Katella Deli

I wonder how much butter the Katella Deli uses in one day? I tried eight varieties of their cookies, and all eight had a strong butter taste, so if you like buttery cookies, this is the place for you.

A few of the cookies were dipped in chocolate or had chocolate dollops on top. These were definitely the best since the chocolate kept the butter in check. The raspberry jam filled chocolate dipped sandwich cookie reminded me of the Champagne French Bakery's version. The Katella Deli version was much better as it had a crispier texture. Also tasty were the orange jam filled chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie sandwich (not too strong of an orange flavor, thin, and very chewy) and the butter cookie topped with chocolate frosting and a peanut M&M. Skip the pecan shortbread cookies. Even the one dipped in chocolate had very little flavor and was rather chalky.

Cookies are $9.40 per pound. My eight cookies totaled $3.80.
Katella Deli is located at 4470 Katella Avenue in Los Alamitos.

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