Monday, August 16, 2010

Tully's Coffee

I recently visited Tully's Coffee and tried their Chocolate Chunk Cookie. For $1.75, it was a decent value compared to other menu items. I was disappointed that cookeis and brownies weren't included in their 1/2 off afternoon pastry special, though.

Until I looked more closely at the cookie, I did not see that walnuts were mixed in. Even though there were very few, it would have been nice if it was reflected in the name. I did enjoy the mix of chocolate chips AND chocolate chunks. The cookie was a little too soft, and with all of the chocolate, it is more likely to satisfy a chocolate craving, not a cookie craving.

If I'm in need of chocolate and don't want to go anywhere else, I would buy a Tully's cookie again, but otherwise I will stick with their coffee and 1/2 off breakfast pastries for an afternoon treat.

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  1. i do like their coffee- good to know I made the right pick! :)