Thursday, September 23, 2010

de Young Museum Cafe- San Francisco

Who would have thought  I would find the best macaroon I have ever had at the de Young Museum's cafe in San Francisco?!? It would be worth paying the fee for membership just so I could stop by the museum whenever I wanted for one of these chocolate dipped delights. Plus members get a 10% discount in the cafe. Alas, I do not live in San Francisco, so I can only dream of the delicious dessert. 
The macaroon was soft and puffy. It's chewy texture was just right. The chocolate dipped portion was HEAVEN! I also tried the cafe's version of a nutless everything cookie- dark chocolate chunks, white chocolate chips, coconut flakes. This was very tasty as well (chewy, plenty of chocolate), however, it could not compare to the macaroon.

For a homemade macaroon recipe, take a look at my previous post. Do you have any recommendations for my next visit to San Francisco?