Monday, October 4, 2010

Fancy Fortune Cookies

Mr. Sleuth found a great discount special for Fancy Fortune Cookies, so we went on a fortune cookie shopping spree! We got the $10.00 sample pack of fortune cookies (graham cracker, cherry, and strawberry banana- about 5 of each flavor) and the Fancy Fortune Cookie Deluxe Sampler tin ($39.99 for 65 assorted fortune cookies). I am swimming in fortune cookies!
Overall this was more of a great gift find (unusual flavors, personalized fortunes, reasonable prices) than a great cookie find. Some of the flavors have an artificial taste, and I don't want to know how much food coloring they use! The mint fortune cookie is excellent, and graham cracker is a close second.

I would consider ordering the tin as a gift (never again for myself), however sometime I would like to try the jumbo chocolate covered fortune cookie. In the meantime, I will stick with fortune cookies from Panda Inn.

I know some people make their own fortune cookies at home. Have you had any luck with homemade fortune cookies?


  1. You can make it at home?! I never knew that! Cool! Should start searching now! :)

  2. I tried making them once but failed miserably. Might give it another go but not high on my list of things to bake!

  3. I've seen recipes for them to make at home but I've never tried. These look fun!! The kids would love the different colors!