Monday, November 15, 2010

Dee's Treats

I was very excited to finally try the delights of a local baker who focuses on fresh, creative treats! I was not excited about the price, though. $9-$11 per dozen of small cookies was a bit much.
Mounds of Chocolate was the first cookie I sampled, and it was delicious! This chewy chocolate cookie was studded with chocolate chips, Oreo cookie pieces, and a layer of sweetened coconut. I also tried a caramel swirl cookie. I really liked the chewy caramel swirls and soft, chewy texture of the cookie with the rich chocolate flavor.
Overall, I love the creative flair of Dee's Treats, but due to the cost, I will not be ordering them again soon. You can order Dee's Treats through her website ( or you can find them in various shops around Orange County.

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  1. great post on this review..i really trying new cookies whenever i get the chance. thanks for sharing.