Thursday, January 13, 2011

Corner Bakery Cafe

At Corner Bakery I always go for the hot veggie panini, and for dessert, those cute little bundt cakes are too cute (and too delicious) to pass up.
Today I tried the chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, and M&M cookies. The chocolate chunk cookie was the best of the bunch. With lots of chocolate chunks and a thick and chewy consistency, it is exactly what a chocolate chunk cookie should be. The oatmeal raisin didn't fare so well. While chewy, there were too many raisins, and the cinnamon spice was extremely strong. The M&M cookie used M&M minis, which were too crunchy and did not provide enough chocolate flavor for the cookie. It would still do in a pinch.
While I did enjoy the cookies, I will be going back to my usual bundt cake next time...
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  1. they look great!!
    thanks for the link


  2. oooh those look delicious! I'd have one now for breakfast if I could! :)

  3. Can I have all of them please? Cookies are my weakness :)