Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cooperstown Cookies

I was so excited to win a recent contest put on by Cookies and Cups for a $25 gift card to Cooperstown Cookie Company! Cooperstown Cookie Company specializes in shortbread and offers a variety of baseball-themed cookie gifts. There are some really cute gifts perfect for any baseball fan. Spring training is coming up, so get a head start!
Now on to the cookies themselves! I sampled the three varieties of shortbread they offer: classic, chocolate chip, and lemon. The classic shortbread is excellent- buttery and flaky. The chocolate chip and lemon were similarly flaky, but the chocolate chip was not too flavorful while the lemon was very strong.

I also made my own using their cookie mix. These were easy to whip up (just add butter and vanilla), but they were not near as good as the pre-made cookies.
To order your own baseball shortbread cookie gifts, visit

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