Monday, May 9, 2011

Fairytale Brownies

Happy belated Mother's Day! If you did not get enough pampering yesterday, make up for it by ordering yourself a treat. Fairytale Brownies has excellent brownies, but they also bake great cookies! In my most recent brownie order, I gave their cookies a try. They make four flavors, and I would declare each one my new favorite after the first bite. 
Toffee Chocolate Chip- This was my favorite (I think!). With big toffee pieces that added a crunchy texture to a soft and chewy cookie, it was hard to stop after just one cookie. The toffee also added a bit of saltiness to balance out the sweet.
Coconut Walnut- Normally the most chocolate I like with coconut is the chocolate drizzle on top of a macaroon, so how much I liked this cookie surprised me. The walnuts were a nice addition to this very chewy cookie.
Caramel Pecan- I have never had a cookie with such large (about double the size of the average chocolate chip) caramel bits, and they were delicious and chewy. If anyone knows how to get this into a cookie I can bake at home, please let me know! My only complaint was that the pecan pieces were a bit large.
Double Chocolate- No surprise here. This extremely chocolatey cookie had a brownie-like texture that would greatly satisfy any chocolate craving.
One dozen cookies is $22.95 plus shipping. Visit for more details and to place you own order.

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