Monday, May 16, 2011

New Milano Melt Cookies

I love the Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies! Really, who doesn't? They're cruchy, chocolatey, and deliciously simple. Part of my love affair with Milanos is phsychological. They were the cookie of choice for my grandmother. Whenever I went to her house, I would only eat macaroni and cheese (she somehow made it stay perfectly creamy every time), "hot cheese" (an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich), M&Ms from her giant candy jar decorating the counter (she always had the seasonal colors), and Milanos. The chocolatey scent of a freshly opened Milano package takes me back there immediately.

Now, to the new Milano Melts! I tried both the chocolate cookie and traditional cookie version with dark chocolate creme. Both kinds reveal a creamy, decadent dark chocolate filling upon the first bite. (Warning- napkin may be required for all of the gooey goodness.) If you have ever wished for more chocolate in your Milano, this cookie is for you. The outer cookie maintains that great subtle flavor and crunch. One drawback is their size (about half that of a regular Milano). The filled Milanos are delcious, but I won't be replacing my traditional Milanos anytime soon. Why mess with a classic?

I purchased each package (about 15 cookies) on sale for $2.00 each. Otherwise they are normally about $2.79 per package.

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