Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cookie Corner

I almost didn't stop for a cookie here. I was so full from a delicious dinner. Mr. Sleuth insisted, though. It's vacation, so why not?!?
Mr. Sleuth must have a sixth sense when it comes to cookies. Their shortbread rivals Big Island for it buttery flavor and crispy texture. Cookie Corner also sells cookies by weight, which end up being about $1.75 each. I tried the chocolate chip and chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies. I could taste the white sugar in chocolate chip cookie; it had plenty of chocolate chips and was cakey. The slightly grainy peanut butter cookie didn't have the greatest texture, but nearly all of it was chocolate dipped which made up for it.

Visit for locations and ordering information.


  1. cookies are definitely necessary on any vacation!

  2. I absolutely adore shortbread, I'm so glad that you didn't miss out on these lovelies.
    *kisses* HH