Monday, August 1, 2011

Honolulu Cookie Company

 Shortbread, shortbread, and more shortbread! Honolulu Cookie Company was my final stop in my cookie quest. They have several stores throughout Hawaii, and each one has samples of nearly every variety of cookie available! Yum!

The chocolate dipped varieties were my favorites. The white chocolate coconut and dark chocolate coconut were especially delicious. The pineapple, mango, and lilikoi mango flavors were not very strong but did taste a bit artificial. Be warned the Kona coffee flavor is very strong. If chocolate is what you crave, the dark triple chocolate mac cookie will satisfy. The cookies themselves were very buttery and crispy. Their pineapple shape makes them a great gift, too!

You can buy five individual cookeis for $3.59. I purchased a sampler box (in a really cute pineapple box) with all 15 varieties for $14.95. For ordering information and store locations, visit

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