Monday, October 3, 2011


After a delicious lunch at BGR (try their veggie burger!) at the Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, I made a stop at Patagonia, a neat little cafe/shop specializing in delicacies from Argentina, including bite-sized treats!

After trying my three selections from the case, I think a trip to Argentina may be in order! I had an almond cookie and two versions of alfajores (dulce de leche spread between two shortbread cookies and then dipped in chocolate). The almond cookie was grainy and forgettable. The alfajores were spectaclar! Be on the lookout for a make at home version. Version 1 was the size of a jumbo marshmallow. Two thin, soft shortbread cookies held a 3/4 inch layer of dulce de leche. The entire sandwich was drenched in chocolate. Version 2 had significantly more cookie (shell shaped sugary butter cookies) with just a thin layer (hardly visible) of dulce de leche filling. About a quarter of the cookie was dipped in chocolate. Version 2 was more to my taste plus it was a lot easier to eat!

Desserts from their case are sold by the pound. My three items were $2.44 with tax. For details on their menu and three Florida locations, visit
Have you ever had alfajores? 

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