Monday, November 14, 2011

Cook's Farm

Copley Square in Boston is always busy (not the overwhelming annoying busy, but the always something interesting going on busy). Twice each week there are mini-farmer's markets. Mixed in with all of the flowers, bread, and fresh produce was the tent for Cook's Farm.  

Cookies, brownies, pies, jams, bread, and maple syrup heaven! With everything I had been eating, I controlled myself and just got one chocolate chip cookie (even though I could have purchased 3 for $5!)

The cookie was HUGE. Crispy and not overly sweet, it tasted like a traditional Toll-House recipe chocolate chip cookie. For it's great size, I was hoping it would be more magnificent. I enjoyed it though, since it tasted just like a jumbo version of my grandmother's chocolate chip cookies. (Even though it's just the recipe on the back of Nestle chocolate chips, I can't seem to make them taste just like hers. Do you have that problem with any of your family recipes?)

Cookies are $2.00 a piece. For more information, visit the Cook's Farm and Bakery website:

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