Monday, January 9, 2012

Cake Bakeshop

I happened upon a cute little bakery in Manhattan Beach on Saturday. With all sorts of delicious treats it was hard to decide was to pick.

I tried the salted chocolate chip cookie, snickerdoodle, oreo, pb & jelly cookie and a seven layer bar. The chocolate chip cookies had a lot of chocolate chunks for such small cookies, but there was a bit too much salt in some bites (other bites had no salt at all). The snickerdoodles were perfectly chewy and cinnamony. The oreo filling was excellent, but the cookies were dry. The pb & jelly cookie was amazing- chewy, great flavor combination. The seven layer bar was hard to eat (really messy and crumbly) but was rich and delicious. 
On a side note, I tried the cupcakes and coffee cake. The cupcakes and the coffee cake were dry, but the frosting was superb.
Cookies and bars range in price from 75 cents to $3.00. For more information, visit their website at

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