Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Cravory- Part 2

I loved the first set of cookies I tried from The Cravory, so of course I had to try some more! I sampled four more flavors in a 2 Dozen Mix box ($48 plus shipping).

PB Overload- I have never seen Mr. Sleuth enjoy a peanut butter cookie more than this one. I also loved it since it was very gooey and chewy with chocolate pieces. This cookie did not have any of the graininess that some peanut butter cookies do.
The Cannibal- I was not expecting these cookies to have a coffee flavor. It was subtle, but it is definitely in every bite. It was a great take on a chocolate chip cookie with pieces of chocolate candy instead of standard chocolate chips.
Oreo Milkshake- This chunky, chewy cookie had malted milk bits and large pieces of Oreo cookies. I didn't really taste the "milkshake" part, but these cookies are great nonetheless.
Oatmeal Pear Fig- This was a super chewy cookie with tons of oatmeal and pieces of dried fig and pear. If pear wasn't in the name, I wouldn't even know it was in the cookie, though. I would still add this to my next box.
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