Thursday, March 22, 2012

King's Hawaiian Cookies

I love King's Hawaiian sweet rolls! I have no problem polishing off a dozen rolls in a weekend. I was so excited to try the King's Hawaiian Bakery Restaurant near their United States distribution center in Torrance. Factory stores with all of their specialty products and low prices are the best.
I was amazed by the bakery delights I discovered there! Not only did they sell fancy cakes and a wide variety of breakfast pastries and other rolls and breads, but they also sold bags of cookies! The bags of roughly twenty cookies (about two inches in diameter) are $4.50 each. I passed on the plain macadamia nut variety and went with one bag of chocolate chip macadamia nut and one bag of chocolate chocolate chip. Both varieties were delicious, crispy and full of flavor. I preferred the chocolate chip macadamia cookies since the double chocolate chip ones were slightly grainy.
The bakery store is located at 2808 West Sepulveda in Torrance. Visit for more information.

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