Monday, May 14, 2012

DeLuscious Cookies & Milk

I've heard and read about how great DeLuscious cookies are for over a year. Finally I had a chance to find out for myself last weekend! I tried the dark chocolate decadence and chocolate chip varieties. The dark chocolate decadence was fantastic and tasted a lot like the chocolate truffle cookie from The Cravory. What could be better than a chewy, gooey, rich chocolate cookie with chocolate truffles mixed in? Yum! The chocolate chip cookie was thin with a chewy center and crispy edges. Large chocolate disks, instead of chips or chunks, were used, and it worked well. Overall it was just an average cookie, though. Try to eat these the first day or two. They don't taste near as good after that.

There are 16 regular flavors plus seasonal ones. Orders must be made over the phone or via email in advance. Their minimum order is one half dozen (maximum of 2 kinds of cookies), which I ordered for pick up for $21.95. Picking up in their store (more like an office with a kitchen upstairs) is a bit strange. When we went, there were only two bakers who had to stop baking and come out to give us our cookies. Each cookie is individually wrapped and labeled with a sticker, which is a nice touch. It is packaged in a beautiful box with tissue paper and a ribbon, so it's a great gift. You can also order milk to go with your cookies!

DeLuscious Cookies is located at 829 North Highland Avenue in Los Angeles. 

Visit their website at for ordering information and to drool at their incredible cookie menu.

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