Thursday, June 7, 2012

Creative Cakery

As the name implies, Creative Cakery specializes in amazing cakes. We actually had the chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake for our wedding. Now we have it for every anniversary and birthday.
Since their cakes are so delicious, I figure their cookies would be good, too. Each cookie is 50 cents and is of small to average size. I tried six of their flavors.

Chocolate Chip- the best of the bunch- lot of chocolate chips, thick and chewy
Peanut Butter- dry, skip it
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip- a close second place, great chocolate and peanut butter combination
Gingersnap- soft, very strong molasses flavor
Snickerdoodle- soft, classic snickerdoodle cookie
Maui- coconut, butterscotch, and macadamia nuts- good flavor, but the cookie was dry
Visit their website at Stick with the cakes, though.

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