Monday, July 30, 2012

Catalina Island

A couple of weekends ago, we took a fabulous trip to Catalina Island. This was my first time, and I'm looking forward to going back again. I think what I liked most about it was the calm, relaxed atmosphere. It was easy to walk around, and there weren't a ton of people. Plus it's beautiful! During the day I was there, I tried three cookies. Here's the scoop!

Courtyard Coffee- I had a fantastic oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that reminded me a lot of this cookie I make. The cookie was full of oats and had lots of chocolate chips. It was almost like a big soft granola bar. $1.65 is not bad for this large, filling cookie. This was my favorite of the day.

Dessert Island- I was going back and forth about buying a cookie here ($2.00 each). The small selection of cookies looked like ones you would find in a grocery store plastic tub. Mr. Sleuth insisted, so I went with the peanut butter chocolate chip. The cookie surprised me and was actually pretty good- slightly crispy and chewy with a nice amount of chocolate chips and slight peanut butter flavor. I wouldn't go back for another cookie (they have amazing candy apples, though), but it will do in a pinch.
Lloyd's of Avalon Confectionery- Any sweet treat or specialty candy you are craving, Lloyd's has. It is easy to get a little too excited in the store. Snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies ($2.00 each) were available the day I went in. I selected the chocolate chip and intended to eat half and save the other half for later. It was so buttery and chocolatey that I could not do it! I'll be making a stop here next time I'm in Catalina, too.

Do you have any fun weekend trips planned this summer?

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