Monday, September 10, 2012

Dancing Deer Baking Company- Shortbread Sampler Pack

A couple of weeks ago I saw a coupon code for Dancing Deer Baking Company, and I could not resist! The Shortbread Cookie Sampler Pack was calling my name (only $22.99!). What I really liked about this assortment (besides the great flavors) was that cookies were wrapped in pairs inside each box. The sampler pack came with four boxes of shortbread cookies that contain 12 cookies each. Here are the flavors:

Maple Pecan- This is a fantastic light maple and pecan crumbly cookie.
Chocolate Chip- I normally do not like shortbread with chocolate chips, but these were delicious. The cookies were not too rich or buttery.
Triple Chocolate Chip- These rich dark chocolate cookies did not have a lot of chocolate chips, but the deep dark chocolate flavor of the crispy cookie made up for it.
Lemon Daisies- These buttery cookies had a light lemon flavor and were in a cute flower shape.

Everything in this sampler was delicious! I will be getting it again or giving it for a gift. To take a look at Dancing Deer Baking Company's online catalog, visit 

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