Monday, September 24, 2012

Sharky’s Mexican Grill and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Sharky's Mexican Grill is a place we visit frequently for a filling weeknight dinner or weekend lunch. They always have large, individually wrapped cookies at the cashier. I was committed to trying one this time! I'm glad I did. Cookies are $1.50 each, which is very reasonable for their large size. The cookie was chewy with lots of chunks of chocolate. I could tell that it was not freshly baked, though. Mr. Sleuth thought it was overly sweet. My verdict is that it is worth a try and a nice sweet ending to your Mexican meal. To find your closest Sharky's, visit

The day after my Sharky's experience, I decided to try another cookie on my list- chocolate chip from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The cookie was thin and chewy, but I wish it had more chocolate chips. The cookie was a little to sweet, too. I will be sticking with their caramel apples next time! The cookie was $2.50, which seemed very reasonable. To find your nearest Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, visit

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