Monday, December 10, 2012

Three Hearts Bakeshop & Cookies by Design

Cookies by Design
I had a wonderful birthday celebration a few weeks ago that included a surprise visit to pick up my very own cookie bouquet at Cookies by Design. What a fantastic treat! My fall-themed five cookie display (2 pumpkin shaped cookies, one sunflower, one scarecrow, and one leaf) was beautifully wrapped and easy to transport. The handmade decorations were perfectly done. The cookies themselves were thick sugar cookies that were soft, but not crumbly. The taste was just average, so you are definitely buying the bouquet for its beauty rather than taste.
Cookies by Design has about 60 locations throughout the country and also ships their beautiful displays (there are a lot of cute holiday-themed gifts!). Visit their website at for more information.

Three Hearts Bakeshop
A few weeks ago I came across some cookie sandwiches and Deli-licious in Costa Mesa. The sandwiches were individually wrapped and looked mighty delicious! I went with the chocolate chip with chocolate filling. Yum! What a find. The filling was a little too sweet, but the intense chocolate flavor made up for it. Luckily Three Hearts Bakeshop also ships across the country. Cookie sandwiches are $18-$20 per dozen and come in a variety of flavors. You can also order just cookies for the reasonable price of $30 per dozen. Definitely add them to your holiday shopping list:

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