Thursday, January 31, 2013

Susie Cakes & Joan's on Third

Susie Cakes
I tired cupcakes from Susie Cakes ( in Costa Mesa a couple of years ago and finally just got back to try some of their other delicious treats. It was hard not to go completely crazy, so I just went a little bit crazy in trying a whoopie pie ($5.00), seven layer bar ($3.00), snickerdoodle ($2.00), and chocolate chip cookie ($2.00). The whoopie pie and seven layer bar were both fantastic. The whoopie pie was very rich and had the perfect cookie to filling ratio. It was very sweet and did give me a headache, though. The seven layer bar was dense. My only complaint was there was not enough chocolate and a little too much coconut. The snickerdoodle was soft and chewy, but the flavor was just average. The chewy chocolate cookie was filled with chocolate chips and was a bargain at $2.00 for such a giant cookie. I definitely will not be waiting another two years before my next visit!

Joan's on Third
Last weekend Mr. Sleuth and I went on a great adventure around LA. It included a surprise stop at Joan's on Third ( This little store/bakery/coffee shop/cafe/caterer has all sorts of great sandwiches, soups, and sweet treats. I tried the Sugared Molasses cookie ($1.25), the Monster Cookie ($2.50), and the bite-sized chocolate chip cookies ($8.99 for a bag of 12). I was a bit disappointed with the sugared molasses cookie (very average) and the monster cookie (not enough chocolate, more peanut butter flavor than I would have liked), but the chocolate chip cookies were amazing! The bite-sized treats had lots of chocolate and were soft and chewy. Yum! Next time each of us will get our own bag!

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