Monday, February 11, 2013

Lemonade at MOCA and Grocery Store Finds

A few weekends ago we made a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown LA. This artwork was a little over my head, so the highlight of the visit was a trip to their cafe, Lemonade. Shockingly I wasn't feeling like chocolate, so I tried a giant salted caramel macaroon (really the biggest macaroon I have ever seen) and a white chocolate cranberry cookie (also a good sized cookie. The $4 macaroon melted in my mouth and had a good ratio of filling to cookie. Lucky for me, Mr. Sleuth didn't like the macaroon (thought the salt was too much, which I agree on some bites it was), so I ate the whole thing! Regular cookies are $2 (chocolate chunk and and oatmeal raisin cookie were also available on the day I went). The white chocolate cranberry cookie was not too sweet and had lots of cranberries that weren't too tart. Luckily Lemonade is right outside of the museum and has a number of locations throughout LA. Visit their website for their locations and menu:

Walker's Shortbread ($2.50 for 9 dogs)- I remember some airlines used to give a choice between peanuts and Walker's Shortbread cookies. Guess what I always picked... These shortbread Scottie dog shaped cookies are so cute and have the classic buttery shortbread taste and slightly crumbly texture.

Whole Foods Brown Sugar Cookies ($2.99 for 16 cookies)- Normally I'm a fan of Whole Foods branded products, but these crunchy cookies had a slight burnt flavor due to the brown sugar around the side.

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