Monday, February 4, 2013

Nestle Cookie Brownie Delight

This past weekend I needed something easy to bake. I was worn out from a long week, but I still wanted the sweet taste of a homemade treat. Nestle's Cookie Brownie Delight was just what I needed. The box makes an 8x8 pan of brownie-chocolate chip cookie goodness. To the dry mixes I added melted butter and egg. The cookie portion was a little underdone, but the brownie portion was a little dry. For a $5.99 price tag, I had hoped for something a little better. It also required a lot more time than regular box mixes. Next time I will stick with box brownie mix if I want something fast and dependable.

I do like the idea of the cookie brownie combo, so if you are in the mood and want to make your own, try a combination of this brownie recipe and 1/2 of this chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Do you have a favorite cookie/brownie mix?

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  1. Haven't seen that in Austin, but will look for it tomorrow.