Monday, March 11, 2013

Chloe's Corner & Newman's Own Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chloe's Corner
Last week I was visiting Phoenix, and the unanimous recommendation for lunch downtown was Chloe's Corner ( Not only did I have a great lunch here, but I also picked up a snack for later. Cookies are only $1.25 each and are filling. I tried the Triple Chocolate Chip (buttery, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and semi-sweet chocolate chips) and Toffee Chocolate Chip (chewy, gooey toffee with a few chocolate chips). What a find! It is worth a visit the next time I'm in Phoenix. 

Newman's Own Chocolate Chip Cookies
I've had many Newman's Own products (pasta sauce, salad dressing), so I was very excited to see Newman's Own Chocolate Chip cookies at my local Gelson's grocery store. Priced at $3.59 for 30 two-bite sized cookies, the price was about what I expected for such a great quality product. The cookies themselves were crispy and had large chocolate chunks. I ate 2/3 of the bag in one sitting and definitely could have kept going. If I trust myself with a whole bag, I will be getting them again. For more details, visit their website:

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