Thursday, May 2, 2013

Berkeley Cookies

A couple of weeks ago Mr. Sleuth and I took a little spring vacation to San Francisco. We had an amazing long weekend, and of course I tried a lot of cookies along the way.

This Berkeley cinnamon roll bakery allows you to create hundreds of kinds of cinnamon rolls with different flavors of frosting and toppings. You can customize your own or pick one of their recommendations. I selected the chocolate chip cookie dough cinnamon bun ($5.50) with vanilla frosting, mini chocolate chips, and chunks of cookie dough. AMAZING! I absolutely will be going back next time I'm there. I bought a cookie ($2) to go, which was soft a full of chocolate chips, a must try as well.

Also in Berkeley, I stopped by this small bakery and tried a giant peppermint chocolate cookie ($1.75) and their signature Freakout cookie (85 cents for a small one). The chocolate base for the peppermint cookie was just OK, but the bright green peppermint chunks were throughout. It's great to satisfy a mint craving, but I won't get it again. The Freakout cookie had pecans, raisins, macadamia nuts, and chocolate chips. There were a few too many raisins in this cookie for me, but the rest was good.

This bakery specializes in cupcakes, but there is a small selection of cookies as well. For $2.25 I bought the cowboy cookie (coconut, pecans, chocolate chips), which was soft and slightly underbaked. I was hoping for a bit more chocolate flavor and some crunch from the pecans.

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