Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is a magnificent summer treat. It was so hard to pick out a choice, but I just couldn't say no to the cookie sundae with cookie dough ice cream. At $7.75, the cookie sundae wasn't cheap, but it is perfect for sharing and still very filling. It starts with half of a Sprinkles cookie. Then it’s topped with a scoop of ice cream and your choice of two toppings. Finally the other half of the cookie is crumbled on top. I went with a chocolate chip cookie and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with hot fudge and red velvet cupcake crumbles on top. Amazing! The ice cream itself was just OK; it’s really the toppings that make it a great dessert. Since only locations in California are open (, you will have to make your own at home this holiday weekend if you can’t make it here. :)
In addition to ice cream, they also sell cookies and brownies for $3 each. Besides the excellent chocolate chip cookie on my sundae, I tried the salted oatmeal cornflake cookie. The cookie is large and thick and obvious good quality, but the flavor combination is a little strange. I also tried the double chocolate cookie (delicious and brownie-like) and the peanut butter pretzel (not too heavy on the peanut butter flavor, but the pretzels were a bit chewy).
PS- Don’t worry about a long line. It moves fairly quickly.

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