Monday, October 28, 2013

Blackmarket Bakery & The Cravory Revisited

I just made my way to Blackmarket Bakery's new location in The Camp. What a magical store! Some items are a bargain (large, rich hot chocolate just $2.30 and homemade graham crackers- $3.75 for 8), but others seem a bit overpriced ($3.75 for 8 small, two-bite shortbread cookies). The store is absolutely worth a visit. Everything is fresh and uses high quality ingredients. The mocha shortbreads were especially good and were very crispy. Even though they had a rich chocolate taste, I could have eaten all 8 in the package at once. The homemade graham crackers were crunchy and not overly sweet- perfect for any time of day. 
If you need a Halloween gift or just some inspiration for what to do with some extra Halloween candy, look no further than The Cravory's October Flavors of the Month. For $38, you can try two of each of the six special flavors. The Almond Joyous and Pumpkin S'mores were the best. The PB Butterfinger and Snick or Treat were nothing special, and the Eminem's cookie was not overly creative but well-executed. The Twixed was very delicious as well. 

I've reviewed The Cravory previously. Take a look at my first and second reviews of their cookies.

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